Using my HGL300 light

I have a HGL 300 respec over a 21" x 32" space,that would be 4.66 square feet. What height should I keep the light and should I use the dimmer.

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Adjust height as needed for coverage. Download Photone on your phone and use that to adjust the potentiometer (dimmer) to suit your lighting needs for the stage of plant growth you’re in.

Here’s a pretty generic DLI chart - Photone measures in DLI so you don’t have to do any conversions.


That’s the chart and numbers I started using 3 grows back and works great, especially for light intense finicky autos :love_you_gesture:

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What kind of phone?

I just deleted my post, lol, but it’s a Samsung Galaxy J3. I downloaded a second app that said my device doesn’t have an ambient light sensor, so … :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Aahhhhhh I guess that makes sense. How odd. I liked the J3’s - my favorite affordable smartphone to hook people up. I didn’t realize it didn’t have a light sensor. Learn something new every day

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I have tent buddy, and photone. They both read quite a bit different. I tend to use the tent buddy more. Seems more accurate on my android phone.

As another member posted about and was doing it as well.
Be sure to close the door on the tent as best you can when taking your light level reading. Can make a big difference, especially in a small tent. Made about 8-10 DLI difference in my tent. When I would look at the phone through a small crack in the door.

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