Using Herbs That Were Treated With Pesticides

We have some very tiny, microscopic (seriously, you can’t see them with the naked eye at all!) bugs on our mature plant. We’ve got some pyrethrum on the way. (Coincidentally, plants in the aster family, particularly chrysanthemums, marigolds, and feverfew produce pyrethrum, which helps to repel predatory insects, making those plants excellent choices for companion planting) Now, as an herbalist, I do grow other medicinal plants as well. The difference is, the other plants I grow are outdoors, whereas my cannabis plant is being grown indoors. I grow my outdoor plants organically, and naturally they are prey to a little bit of insects munching. When I harvest my outdoor herbs, I rinse them of dust, soil, and any bugs that might be there before hanging to dry. But those kinds of herbs don’t usually produce resins either. And when I harvest medicinal flowers, I don’t rinse the flowers.

All that to ask: can you rinse your marijuana leaves and flowers before you hang them up to dry? What about all the trichomes? Will they get rinsed off? @Majiktoker, @garrigan62, @latewood, @Paranorman, @Aquaponic_Dumme Thanks for your help in this!


this is just what you need.



Yep, that’s exactly what I needed, thank you, @garrigan62!

You are very welcome and if there is anything else …just ask ok


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Imo the buds were better after washing… Shined bright like diamonds, little to no trichomes lost. Its simple too. Just put water or ph water in a bucket, give it a good swish then done. And u can see alot of dirt/dust in the water, it’s nasty

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I give my plabts a shower with semi-cool to lukewarm water if I need to wash off residue. Follow that by hanging or drying the plants with many fans to make sure they dry quickly and do not develop mold or mildew.

I would not use a bath unless I needed to wash off mildew or mold. For washing pesticide; Use the shower. The trichomes won;t be hurt any more than if they just were in a typical rain shower. :slight_smile:
Hope this helps.


Ready for a funny story?
My first plant was drying and I took a popcorn to excellerate and test. Put it suspended on top of a toaster oven. Kept checking every 20 min to see if it was dry enough to smoke. After about 40 minutes I went back thinking it was ready, it was gone! Looked all over and asked my wife as my 6 year old son son slowly walks away into the living room. I asked him if he knew “oh yea dad I put it in the (wet) sink” lol put it back to dry and smoked beautifully!!!


Yes, that does help, thank you. In fact, before I posted this thread, Mr. Herbalist and I were discussing the option of rinsing and worrying about the trichomes, and he said, “Well what about people who grow outdoors, and the plants get rained on?” Good point, haha.

@Fever, lol, that’s pretty cute. I’m glad that little nugget didn’t go down the garbage disposal or the drain!


I grow inside in a tent and was pretty surprised at how crappy the water got when I rinsed mine I was expecting not to see much if any and snap it was very dusty


I’d never put my son down the garbage disposal lol j/k

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