Using a vivosun 400 watt spectrum

Im using a 400 watt vivosum full spectrum and does anyone know how far my light needs to be after i plant tge tail down on a seedling and at what percent

With my light i put it on 40% and i have it about half way in the tent i dont measure anything i don’t know if this helps u or not .do have ir paper work that u got with ur light

My light will be in today but thx

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400w is not a whole lot unless that’s the true watts. If it’s true watts I’d start off about 30%and 18 inches above or so and see what that does. If they seem to stretch lower light 2 to 4 inches and see then.

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Ok thx a lot

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There is an app on phone Photone, it reads dli and ppfd. DLI veg 13 to 19, flower 38 to 65. ppfd veg 400 to 600, flower 800 to 1000. with these readings, u can adjust dimmer and height. It takes the guess work out .

If you have an iPhone get the photone app. It will measure your light. Measure the PAR, light intensity. Babies about 300 PAR.

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Did u know. On a smart phone the photone app works also no paper diffuser required. If u use a apple phone u need a 22lb paper diffuser added to the phone for it to work proper. Don’t know why but it’s weird u don’t need it with a smart phone but u do with an apple lol

They told me android is still in beta. Final may require it. I get diff readings on my iPhone vs Android.