Use of Urb Microbes

Any other growers here using Urb? It is a product containing humic acid and various beneficial bacteria.

I added 5ml per gal (guideline is 15ml per gallon) to my transplant watering. The plants seem to like it, but the bottle contains no feeding schedule and I can find nothing online or here on this site.

The Urb website says “start to finish,” but I’m reluctant to add it to additional waterings until I understand how much might be too much.

From their website…


Hydroponic: Dilute 5-10mL/gal weekly. Use continuously throughout growing cycle.

Hydroponic Nutrient/Fertilizer Reduction: a 15-25% nutrient/fertilizer reduction can be incorporated

Soil : Dilute 15mL/gal and apply once per week. Use continuously throughout the growing cycle. Use 10mL at final flushing.

Soil Nutrient/Fertilizer Reduction:

VEG : A 50% reduction to complete elimination of NPK fertilizer can be incorporated in fresh soil for at least the first 10 weeks of Vegetative Growth.

BLOOM: A 15 - 35% nutrient/fertilizer reduction can be incorporated through the flower cycle.

Foliar Application : Dilute 10mL/gal and spray plant after starter roots have been established. Best after initial transplant. Apply once a week during entire vegetative growth stage. *Do not apply foliar application during flowering stage.

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Thanks. I poked around the website but didn’t come across the “per week” guideline.

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I clicked on one of the individual bottles and it was there.
I noticed that you need to reduce the amount of nutrients when using this…
Just keep an eye out on those leaves for any issues.


You shouldn’t have any problem using microbes throughout.