Use of refraction through conical crystals

So, me having ADHD and having a passion for growing has led me to come up with plenty of crazy grow ideas. So here’s an idea I thought of today, and I’d appreciate any input. I want to know if using crystals to focus refract light would have any significant benefits to the harvest. Theoretically it seems legit to me that you could alter the wavelengths of light emitted from regular LED’s to provide a more optimal wavelength range for the plant to absorb, in return getting better veg and flower. From my research and experience growing, the veg and flower dedicated colored lights work well as we all know, but apparently the wavelengths are very narrow in terms of wavelength range, and the plant can’t absorb it as efficiently as a broad range of wavelengths. If anyone has dabbled in this or has any contradictions, I’d love to hear all input.

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Now that is theoretically possible the amount of time and resources you’d have to use to figure out the optimal crystal for optimal light shifting and the expense of a strong enough standard led light to rival purpose built grow lights that shine at roughly the intensity of the noontime sunlight(in a very limited space) doesn’t seem very economical

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Lights emitted from LED’s are going to be the same frequency and wavelength as the crystal refracted light. The only difference is it’s separated. The separated wavelengths will lack intensity to grow.