Use all threeBuffer solutions?

OK, I’m confused! In using a digital ph meter is it necessary to use all three different buffer solutions to calibrate or just one? Also, when it says “End” do you turn it off or rinse it and put it back in the solution to check its accuracy?? I have: Digital, paper and liquid Testers and it’s quite a bit frustrating to know which one to use. Thanks

Which ph meter did you get? They come with calibration instructions for the most part. I know whenever I recalibrate mine it makes me do 3 points(low, medium, high)

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My Extech meter can use either a two point or three point calibration. Three point calibration is supposed to make for better accuracy.

Yes but it doesn’t tell me If I am supposed to turn it off After calibration and do I retest in the same solution? I calibrated it to 6.86 until it said “End”…then I rinsed it off and put it back in the solution and it wasn’t 6.86, keeps jumping around.

This is my 4th one since last two years. See my comments on the other guys text as what I’m dealing with

All I can tell you, like @imSICKkid said, is to follow the calibration instructions for your device. Normally the calibration points are at 4, 7 and 10.

Can tell me Step by step?? Do you turn it off after the first solution and retest? Did you calibrate without turning it off on all three?? Help, lol

I dont turn mine off. I have an Apera ph20 and it works flawlessly. What meter do you have?