URGENT ‼️ Help I my 3 week old Pineapple Ex. Isn’t well

Help guys I need some advice on what could be going wrong here in my DWC setup. I have my res PH at the recommended levels for hydro. Here’s the actions that were taken by me before I discovered she’s not well. On the 3rd week of her existence after her baby leaves begin to yellow. I started with I teaspoon of GH MaxiGrow nutrient added the my 10 gallon reservoir. Secondly I added Blue Planets Nutrients’ Cal/MAG the recommended dosage for my 10 gallon res. #3. I used very little GH Armor Si has a PH uper . I have images of everything I have used on my fair lady . I’m definitely in need of this great ILGM community’s help with this issue, photos of everything used below



Add cal mag first. Otherwise looks good

@NewGrower901 what does this mean? #3. I used very little GH Armor Si has a PH uper . Are you saying it raised your ph levels

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What’s the Res temps, distance from the net cup to the res solution, EC and PH of the res nutrients Growmie :love_you_gesture:

I actually only did that once, I haven’t had a need for PH upper since but that’s exactly what I meant.

What light are you using? And all the above info too!

Well res temp does run a little high bcuz I lack a water cooler that’s why I use the Great White from seedling to finish, also I’m without an EC meter only have PH solution kit to maintain the PH range of 5.0 to 6.0 for hydro. My grow tent temp range from 68F to72F. Also my humidifier has stopped working therefore leaves me with humidity problem as well because it’s way below recommended levels. Humidity is %55 I ordered me another humidifier waiting on delivery :package:.

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Ok I’m using a Vivosun 1000 w LED Full Spectrum. It might be a little too close. What’s the recommended distance it should be at. I hope it nothing more that.

CAL/Mag has already been added unless my were for my 10gal res. Have you zoom in on the images? She doesn’t look fine to me.

Oh the distance from net pot and res water is about 2inches

Yes that’s what I’m saying

Freeze some water bottles and rotate them in the res to help with the temps, Check to make sure you have a 2” air gap between the net cup and nutrient solution, plenty of oxygen from the air stones, and try and get that PH to 5.8. You’ll need something to inoculate the roots with like Hydroguard, I use southern ag. Either of these 2 will help with the higher temps to prevent pythium (root rot) :love_you_gesture:

Hey I appreciate the info also I have Great White brand of Premium Mycorrhizae is this not sufficient? That’s in my res from seedling to harvesting.

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Add cal mag first when mixing nutes. I was under the impression that you added the maxigrow first. Add cal mag first and mix it in the water before adding maxigrow