Urban worm company - discount code until 11/19/20

Wanted to let everyone know - these guys have a special running for preordering one of their continuous flow worm bags with stand for 116$ (130$) normally. I’ve never used this but seems like a solid way to make your own worm castings (the ones I’ve seen DIY are gonna cost atleast half this price plus the time and effort you’ve got into it.)

I ran across this while watching a video on YouTube that included a discount code (Kevin10)… picked up 2 for 209$… thought it was a great deal so wanted to share.


Score thnx for the share man!

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@Sirsmokesalot thank you for the information I’ll look into it I think it might be cheaper just buy worm cassings though I buy the wiggle worm :bug: they work the best

Yeah man if you don’t have a really large grow or are not generally interested in doing your own worm compost/castings - prolly not worth the hassle. I’m going through like 60-80lbs a month so trying to supplement some of that with my own

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I started a worm composter like 2 months ago. Been buying worm castings from brut worm farm think there in Minnesota. Cheapest I’ve found and good stuff :grimacing:. Regarding worms I haven’t bought any yet wanted to wait till it warms up to start adding red worms… Was going to buy them from uncle Jim’s worm farm…

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That’s where I hear the best come from. How much are you paying now? 1$-1.10$ a lb?

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Regarding uncle Jim’s at the time I bought my 110 gallon composter they were out of what I wanted so since it is cold now I decided to buy them in the spring. Just throwing in vegetables nothing acidic like tomato’s and a lot of coffee grounds, shredded paper and leaves.