Upgraded Light, Buds almost double but 1/2 the resin. Any Ideas?

I upgraded one side of my sealed grow room with CO2 from a Spider Farmer SF4000 to a SE7000 and left the other side alone with a SF4000 and SF2000 on a light rail. Each side has 6 sea of green style plants.

I use Fox Farm Ocean Forrest, Advanced Nutrients, Microbial Mass Pro,

and grow at 83 to 85 degrees and 50 percent humidity. I have grown like this for 3 years and average about 3 1/2 to 4 oz per plant. Nothing changed other than the new light.

The buds under the old lights are the same as always, but the plants under the new light are double the size but have about half the resin. Not the greatest picture but the plant in the foreground is the exact same age as the one just behind it.

Any ideas on what could cause this. I did give the bigger plants about 25% more nutes due to its size. and it has never looked stressed.




I wonder if spectrum differences play a part.

I tried to match the scale as much as my eyes would allow. I added the white line at .8.
This makes me think the amount of red in the SE7000 may attribute to the size difference. Terpenes /
resin ?? Maybe the larger ones need more flower boosters, silica etc - just a thought.

I experience this myself. My lights in my tent are different than in my closet. Clones from the same mother will grow quite a bit different in the tent than the closet.


Are all the plants the same strain? I’m using the SF7000 with UVA bars and am near finished with my first run and the plants seem super sticky and very large buds. But I don’t have previous grows to compare under the exact same scenario.

Hope they still get the job done for you!!


The 2 plants in the foreground are wedding cake from the same mother and put in flower on the same day. The purplish red in the background is Runtz Muffin, and you can’t see the difference, but the one under the old lights is about 2 to 3 inches above the net vs. the big one is 6 to 8 inches above the net, also same mother, same day.

Next cycle I will probably give it another 25% more nutes and see what happens. They have a lot of resin, just not as much as the ones under the old lights. I’ll get it dialed in next cycle hopefully. It’s too late for all of these because they will be done in a few days, just trying to figure it out for next time.


Plants getting the same DLI under each light?

Check the diodes included with each light. IR diodes not on the SE7000??