Upgrade or Augment Lighting -- Should I?

Worrying about my lighting. I use two SZHLUX PT6000 LED Grow Lights in my room – with five to six plants under each. The lights are full spectrum with four settings (of dimming). But there is no real setting for veg and/or bloom.

Am I good or should I consider adding/changing. I’m stink at the whole understanding-lights thing.

LED technology Samsung diodes, high Energy Efficiency with 2.9 Umol/J, delivers powerful light output and uniform canopy penetration to resulting maximum higher yields. Actual power is 600W with 1728 LEDS

There full spectrum or so they claim china lights. So no veg or bloom bs is needed.

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Yeah – China. I’m so done with China. Is there a way to test spectrum to see if they really are full spectrum?

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No cost effective way to reliably test spectrum at all.

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When you come down to brass tacks, all lights are China lights if I’m not mistaken - they produce the diodes that everyone uses. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

If your light is indeed 600W, that’s plenty to grow a few plants. I just raised five under 480W and they came out great.

My lights were put together in the USA - disclaimer.

Ah yeah, put together here with Chinese parts. I seem to be doing good with these lights and don’t want to spend money – unless there is great benefit. At 20 in above canopy on brightest setting my PAR readings are about 900 - 1000 – and they put out a decent footprint.


I am retired from the electronics industry. This is a trick that a lot of manufacturers use - they manufacture products overseas, transfer the assembled hardware to the US, then stick a data plate on the product in the US so they can claim it was made in the US. We had a manufacturer from Brasil as a customer. They would build products in Brasil and transfer their products to Florida for installation of the data plate. They do this so the DoD would see them as a more favorable supplier.


We did /should have learned a little something something about having all the chips/electronic components manufactured outside of the USA. Another hard lesson the pandemic taught.


this is still good numbers…save your pennies for your next upgrade…your last grow didn’t look like it suffered from poor lighting

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Might be wrong, But HLG only company in the US that makes there light here in the states. They bought the rights and equipment to make Samsung 301 dios and the rest they do. I read that somewhere but don’t remember where


I don’t think it did – but you know me – always asking questions and being a PITB.

Green Beams also uses Samsung diodes and Meanwell driver, made in the US, and cheaper that HLG. Unfortunately for me, they don’t ship to Canada.

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They may use Samsung diodes but won’t be top bin diodes. I believe HLG has the rights to those. That’s where the cost difference comes from. That and HLG moved on to better drivers than meanwell.


Phew – even their refurbished lights are expensive. Something to dream about.

I can’t find them online?

They’re just good lights. Mine have been running non stop for 4 years straight. You should be fine with what you have. I’m sure they’re full spectrum as they claim. Highly doubt the 2.9 umols/joule efficiency is accurate though.

Since you already have them, see how they do. If you’re unsatisfied then you can upgrade then. No need to give up on them if you’re not having an issue with them

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Thanks. I was hoping for a “keep what you’ve got” path – as everything is so stinking expensive right now.

@GrnyGrows green-beams dot com
I would love to get their GB4. I asked about shipping to Canada and import duties etc, they replied and said nope to Canada.

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Hey yeah was just looking at green beams website looks really nice light. And luv the price

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You grow some beautiful plants, dear! I wouldn’t change a thing. If it ain’t broke , don’t fix it :joy::beers:

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