Updated smoke reports

This is a great thread. Especially for someone like me who doesn’t know how the different strains taste.


Wish I would have jumped on that great sale they just had. It seems like it only lasted one day.

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@Familyman they rotate sales often so just keep an eye out and remember to pay it forward with your info :grinning:

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My northern lights will be ready in about 4 weeks. Stay tuned.


My sample set is pretty small, only having grown 4 ILGM strains. But all of them have a been a hit in one way or another;

  • White Widow – this was truly easy to grow and the yield was impressive. While the taste and aroma were on the mild side, the effect was remarkable. Turned out to be the best cannabis I’d smoked in decades. Obviously high in THC it took my head off (in a good way), but it did induce a little paranoia for my wife.

  • Blueberry – this was/is great all around cannabis. Terpene levels were higher than in White Widow, with a nice fruity aroma. The taste was very good too. The effect was very pleasing, though not as soaring as White Widow. After reading what DJ Short had in mind when he created the first versions of this strain, I totally get what he was after even though I’m sure ILGM’s version differs somewhat from the original.

  • Strawberry Kush – from what I’ve read about kush’s, this was not at all difficult to grow. Nice yield and a very nice terpene profile. Great overall effect, my wife’s current fave.

  • OG Kush – well, hello terpenes! :heart_eyes:. For me the yield from these plants have been less than from others, and it was a more fickle plant to grow in general. BUT – tastes great, smells great, effect is great. My current favorite terpene dream.

I’ll be trying different strains from the above down the road. But I’ve been very pleased with all of them. For beginners I’d highly recommend White Widow. For more seasoned growers who are willing to baby sit their plants more than others, OG Kush.


I need to tag in some people who have grown alot of the strains to help with some input. @TDubWilly and @Covertgrower, @MattyBear, @Countryboyjvd1971, @Willd, @raustin


@Hogmaster can you give your input on Skywalker og?


Looks like a lot of people have black widows going, but no harvests, yet.


A (somewhat funny) note to add about the White Widow I grew: It’s been in jars and has cured wonderfully for a good while now. Though through time the ‘bloom is off the rose’ somewhat, it has held up well. After inserting humidpaks a month ago the buds have taken on some renewed freshness.

Now for the funny part. I got a vaporizer a while back, first one I’ve owned, and decided to load some ‘old’ WW in it. I took some draws, noticed a little vapor coming out, but I wasn’t sure I was getting much, so I kept vaping away. Then all of a sudden – woosh – off to alternative Disney World. “Yo! Put the vape down dude!” :woozy_face:. Yowza, what a rush. Kind of a n00b move, made me laugh at myself.



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Loved the taste,smell and effect of northern lights couch lock. Amnesia haze is definitely different tasting but the effects are on point no couch lock but still very heady. Blueberry is awesome not as potent but still very nice aroma and effect I’ll smoke some more of this as is last to cure and give better feedback.


I make alll my tinctures from crystal. Shes high in both thc & cbds. Very easy to grow.


I’ve got Gold Leaf and Banana Kush in flowering at the moment.


Tangie-matic: super fuzzy with trichs, delicious tangerine flavor, skunky citrus aroma, great high.

WWxBB auto: a real funky sour smell that I just couldn’t get enough of, like an over-ripe melon fell on a skunk; kind of skunky, cedary, & musky taste. A strange, intriguing smoke that I cannot recommend enough! It was a big plant, easy to grow. A great all around smoke.

Lsd-25 auto: grew purple-black buds & sugar leaves; very powerful smell, like sugar smacks cereal & turpentine; tastes like sugar smacks & wood

Strawberry Cheesecake: a very sturdy, robust plant; smelled & tasted exactly like strawberry cheesecake with an almost instant hard-hitting happy head & body high; did not age well (lost smoothness), next time I’ll freeze anything left after a 2-4wk cure.

Amnesia Haze: grew well in my first scrog, but was sensitive to pH fluctuations; flowery & sweet aroma, with an incensey metallic sweet taste; great high that hits hard once it’s done creeping up on you


I absolutely love it easy grow great yields

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Maui Wowie- Smells of lemon and lime and tastes of the same. Sometimes I get a strong lemon pinesol taste and sometimes it’s lemon, lime, citrusy explosion lol. High is all in the head and hits hard. Great strain.

Blue Dream- smelled like blueberry cotton candy during the grow, but tastes don’t really come out when smoked. Great all around head and body high. Solid strain.

AK47- great all around mood boosting strain. Tastes and smells like chronic dope. Solid strain.

Blueberry- solid strain, easy to grow, smells like the name suggests. Good high from what I remember, but haven’t grown or smoked this one in a few years now.

Northern Lights- creeper high that knocked my socks off. Says it’s mostly indica but when I used it during the day I had energy. Little more finicky, but solid.

Cheese- Don’t let the name deter you from trying this strain! One of my favorites and has a mostly earthy and skunky smell, but I’ve had phenos that had a fruity musky smell that was my absolute favorite. Great strain. Makes you feel happy and can make you hungry.

White Widow- floral and fruity smells. High is noticeable in the head and body. I’ve only grown outdoors so far, but the high is solid.

I am currently growing ILGM Fire OG, Sour Diesel, and Blue Cheese, and a few other Non-ILGM strains.
Pretty sure those are the only ILGM strains I’ve grown so far. I won’t give smoke reports on non ILGM strains unless someone asks about a specific strain.


@MattyBear thanks for all the info brother it helps alot


@Hogmaster what were the flavors and high like with Skywalker og?

No problem homie :v:

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Good clean head. High mine where a milky

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