Update ON sour diesel AK-47 Bubble gum



That’s quite the garden you have there!

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Sure is. Worried about the size I have a 5 x 7 and that’s it.

Are you using soiless medium like a coco coir? or are you doing hydro? I was going to ask what the purpose of the clay balls on top of the soil was.

Using Foxfarm ocean forest and had Clay pebbles left over from Hydro put him in just to help with drainage

Yeah I’ve seen quite a few pictures of people growing with FFOF or something similar, but they’re putting clay pebbles on the top. I knew that the pebbles helped with drainage. I just don’t see what good they do on the top of your medium. That’s why I asked.

Not just on top it’s all mixed in the soil

If you plan on flowering all of them at the same time switching to 12\12 now would be your best bet as to stretching in flower to help control plant size in bloom phase.

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Stops light penetration to upper roots and substrate

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My girls are all feminized seeds not auto

Right it’s gone get awful crowded in there with that many plants in flower, you gone need a blower to circulate enough air to keep them healthy!

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Have a lot of fans