Update on my problem child still having issues

Thanks everyone predicate the help will update soon

probably best if you remember the mistakes and start everything new.

it’s a learning process…be patient and keep a journal to help remember what happened.

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So you think that I’m not gonna get anything more out of what’s there no point to let them grow more ?

Anyone think I could monster crop the young one since I don’t have any seeds and start indoors ?

Man so no hope left that’s a bummer

Let them grow out try to hit the hydroponic store and get them a pesticide that let’s you spray during flowering and if I were you I would take advantage of the end of season sale ilgm has going and get you some seeds start fresh indoor. Happy growing gromie!:grin:

How much longer should I let them flower you think ?

Where are you located? From the looks of it they have a good amount of time for flowering

East coast near dc area

Ok so the buds don’t look mature yet was what I was worried about . So still a few more weeks at the least of maturity ?

If you had to guess what would you say the maturity level would be ins the first two

Yeah bro you have some time and they’re maybe 2 weeks maybe 3. I can’t say to much cuz of where you’re located i think your weather comng up is gonna get cold af for them. But looks like you have a little greenhouse for them maybe they should be ok.

They may have more than 3 weeks. Dont rush. Do what was suggested and get the pesticide. Also take advantage of that sale for seeds !!!
Also use a jewelers loop to check trich to know when they are ready.

On my first grow i swore mine were ready to chop and after inspection of trichomes i had 2 more weeks of waiting so be patient.

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Thanks plants have just been having trouble . I’ll get some pesticide , need oil has been leaving a white residue on my leaves after using . Also Had some drainage issues soil staying wet too long … plants seemed to be doing much better but this last week they seem to be declining again :cry:

Really not trying to bum you out, but it is what it is. Sometimes it’s best to put the effort into a new grow. Plus…there are several good producing easy growing strains in the deals section. The 10+10 deals has some really good strains. White Widow is a longtime classic strain.