Unsure what this light is

so before I bought my grow tent I bought this off of craigslist. Im unsure except for what the tags on light say what kinds of grows this could be used for…any help would be great


250w HID, I’m not sure if it’s MH or HPS

I saw Agrosun written on it. I couldn’t make out the rest.

That thing will put off some heat, FYI. Make sure you have good ventilation

I love Craigslist for finding little treasures like this


It says Agrosun Gold MS 250watt HOR/G
Super something Agricultural Spectrum USA.

I can’t make the rest out.

Found it I think.



ok thanks …would it be good for an indoor grow? also what im concerned with is I have a incognito room by that I mean no windows surrounded on 3 sides by cement. now I was thinking (because of my tent I can only grow 1 at a time) so with this light I could grow more but I also read u have to paint walls to reflect the light and all kinds of other stuff is this all true? what about smell would say 3 plants at bud time have a strong smell? as u can tell im in a illegal state so its a concern for me. and how hot would this thing run do I have to worry about it overheating? I got it for a great price I wonder what the setup is worth any info would help thanks

I use HLG lights because its hotter than hell here. Your sweat has sweat and it also has sweat on top of it.

@dbrn32 is the light guru.

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Be good for flowering 5 square feet give or take.


so a couple of plants under it then…what about heat would it be tooo hot? and I would love to know what it is worth. If anyone could figure out exactly what kind of light it is, when bought they told me they bought it for their iguana. just curious is all maybe I could rig something up to be able to raise and lower it but again what about smell when plants bud? some stuff I’ve read suggests that it can get really strong and in a enclosed room how bad could it get? any help would be great

Sure, as long as they’re small plants. Plant size will be determining factor, most here would probably run 1 plant.

Depends on intake air temp, how much air exchange, stuff like that. If you have decent air exchange and circulating fan running over top of canopy most could make it work if inside home.

Don’t see a lot of 250’s anymore. They were probably $100-$150 or so new depending on model and ballast maybe a little more. 150’s are dime a dozen under $100.

Ratcheting hangers available on Amazon

Bad. You’ll want a carbon filter if worried about smell.

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