Unopened bag of Cali Hot Soil has gnats

I received a bag of California Hot Soil with the grow tent kit I bought. The unopened bag is clear, and I see quite a few gnats flying around in the bag. Any suggestions? FYI, I’m not planning on using this soil when I start my first grow on July 1.

I’d almost be worried if a bagged soil didn’t come with fungus gnats or some level of pest. I’d be worried about what they did to it.

You can control them by layering perlite, stones, or sand 1-2” thick on top of the soil.


Well that sounds easy enough, thanks very much!

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Personally I wouldn’t fight them from the start. I’d get other soil. Make seller fix problem. It could be a battle the whole grow with eggs hatching and not knowing what else is there.

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I didn’t plan on using it for my first grow. I may end up not using it at all, especially if this grow goes ok. The soil came included in an overpriced “bait and switch” complete grow kit (which I regret buying). I’ve already replaced several items in the kit, and I’d really rather not deal with their customer service again, especially over just a bag of dirt. Thanks for your reply!

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Get some Mosquito Bits and treat the soil with some. Just soak the bits in water for an hour or so and then soak the soil with it. Gnats will all be gone the next day. I usually pre-moisten the soil before using anyway so this is not too hard.
Like @KeystoneCops said they are in most soils anyway.

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Thank you sir!

Let your soil dry out completly before you use it. It helps kill them off. I dry out my soil before I use it and then I pre soak it prior to planting with it. Havnr had any issues yet. Then once they become bigger I use neem oil as prevention

It’s still sealed in the bag, and I taped up a few pin holes that I found. The bag is in an air tight tote. If I use it at all, it won’t be at least until my second grow attempt. My first attempt will begin on July 1, the legal day. Thanks!