Unknown Strain / Unkown Gender

I managed to grow this thing up from a seed I found the old fashioned way in my bud I was breaking down. Is it male or female it’s about a month and a half old the whole plant was a very pale light green I repotted and fed it some Bloom and Grow big and it’s starting to get dark green as you can see at the top


It’s tiny, more than anything.

seeds from dispensary bud are almost always female, because they’re a direct result of asexual reproduction. The female plant produced male flowers to self-pollinate. The seed that results is feminized, although it also carries a high risk of also producing at least a few seeds.


Far too early to tell. Watch the nodes of the plant for sex identification. It usually takes 4 to 7 weeks for a cannabis plant to show it’s sex, though some plants can take up to 12 weeks to become sexually mature and show its sex.

Here is what you will see on the plant when it eventually shows its sex:


I wonder why it’s so small? Haha

Not enough light, too cold, overwatering, funky soil, bad genetics - could be a lot of things. I generally assume that it’s environment above all else - I.e. in the winter it’s not uncommon to see slow growing plants due to low light conditions and cold ambient temps.