Understanding 660nm reds and 730 ir and uv

So can someone help me with getting a grow light with these in the light. The light has separate switches for the 730 ir and the uv. The 660s are always on with the lm301b diodes. I was wondering how do I use these at the right time and when and how long and all that jazz. Please if someone could help I would really appreciate it.
This light is a Alibaba light, yes I no you don’t have to say it. But this is all I can afford right now. Am I aloud to post the light in this so you can see exactly what I’m saying.
Thanks everyone and happy growing

Ya you can post pics all you want… The quantom boards with rspec are on all the time making it an “all-around” grow light. They don’t have a bloom and swithc.

If you want to add supplemental lighting then you would run them on their own driver. Like I do with my far red strips that I paired with my quantum boards