Unable to place order

Hello trying to place order for 5 girl scout cookies it’s prefilled for 10 seeds won’t allow to select 5 seeds

I just checked it out, it’s not just you! Can’t change quantity on ANY strains. I tested the new ones (Blue Dream, GSC, Afghan) and standards (Golden Leaf, White Widow), they’re all stuck on 10 seeds. Even tried a different browser (Safari & Chrome), no luck.

You should probably open a customer support ticket!

Ok will do need to place order while I got extra money

There was a site update, and some functions on the orderpage seem to be malfunctioning on some devices.

This issue is being worked on right now and should be fixed soon!

Thanks for the notification

ILGM Support

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quick questions from the techies:

Are your cookies enabled in safari?

And please share what device and browser you are using.


iPhone6, iOS 9.1, Safari & Chrome - haven’t tried it on desktop, as far as I know, cookies are enabled on iPhone, I’ve never changed any settings on the browser.

Same here using android tried Firefox chrome no good

The issue was on mobile devices.

Fixed now!

Apologies for the inconvenience


Thk you Sir order went through successfully