Uffda #2 When the snow blows, I grows

Dude…You think Big Mac is scary. This was one of three bridges that crossed the Minnesota River into the South Metro. You could almost touch the car in the opposite lane, a semi in the other lane was terrifying, many would just stop in their tracks. You can just see the new crossing to the left. This is actually the bridge over an oxbow, the bridge over the Minnesota was removed years ago for safety concerns.

I was an active participant in the establishment of a National Wildlife Refuge surrounding the river from the Mississippi River to Belle Plaine currently

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Kinda sounds the Bridge going from Ohio into Kentucky when traffic is heavy but its a bit bigger

Shouldn’t have planted Catnip in the garden!



When I was watering, I saw this

Future #1 bud got too heavy & snapped!

It has been sacrificed for the greater good.


Nice bud! How far along in trichs is it?

Agnes is watching you know!!!

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I made another boo-boo when I stuck them outside for a day…They went into stress and began to reveg. Now I have buds developing on buds.

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And so it goes

Just read a report on the flooding in Iowa, It seems the factory farms are using tanks of “animal fecal material” to fertilize their crops. The flooding of the area is now contaminated with E. coli. Glad I use well water!!


We had a few tornado warnings south down by Clare co, and they cancelled the races here at the local track tonight may or may not see the fireworks from our deck tonight they held off until tonight, (dumdasses)

We actually had a nice day today, tomorrow rain returns. Girls in the garden were skunking up the garden this morning.

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Public toilets in Serengeti National Park

I should not have drunk that super-sized soda


After 4 days of drying, the call became more than I could bear!..

10 minutes later, realize that I have been staring at the computer screen with a silly grin on my face. I remove a couple chunks, just enough for my One and my bubbler and have taken a hit off each…

What do deaf cats do for entertainment?

Better make that a couple more hits

It is fairly smooth, but not much terps…lots of buzz

Today was, hopefully, the end of a couple weeks of frustration. We have a couple doors that badly needed replacement. The first leads from the dining room to a 3-season porch

It was a horrible idea when the house was built. An uninsulated hollow core door leading to a glassed in 3-season porch. The frame had been chiseled away in areas of the frame. You knew that it was cold when there was a 1/4" of ice along bottom of door.

The second door leads from the 3-season porch to outdoors, it was functional, but weathered, the sill was/is in need of work.

This is the unofficial primary entry to the house and I frankly wanted to make a statement …

I have a couple Future #1 going, one in the tent, one outdoor. It is going to be a good smoke I think.

So, the guys showed and did the job of installing the doors

Porch to DR

Savannah saying WTF

Porch to Enchanted Kingdom


That porch looks like a great place to drink some coffee in the morning!

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Even better place to grow things and smoke a bowl.

This will be my next project. We plan on cleaning and oiling the wood, we’re just finishing cleaning the windows (Three sides of old Anderson crank-out windows. 9-33"x63" window with ~30years of grime.). Fourth of July weekend was spent pressure-washing bamboo blinds of similar grime. At some point after we get over shock of too many improvements in a short time frame, I will lay vinyl plank flooring…and the ceiling is plywood painted white, I think I can make it look better!

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I should mention that the 3-season porch is vital in the heat of the summer, this house has hydrostatic heat and thus no vents, no a/c

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Ohhhh dear lord man. No ac? God damn man that sounds awful. Only house I’ve ever lived in without AC was an old farm house, but it wasn’t too bad as there was usually a nice breeze rolling across the property. I couldn’t imagine living in the city without some form of ac.

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When this house was built, in 1959, Burnsville was very young. This house is in one of the first developments in the city. The builder lived across the street. My deceased Father-in-law was an Irish Butcher with 10 kids. It might be a 5 bedroom, 6 if you squeeze…and he did! It also has a well and sits in a hill. You can enter the basement from the road or walk around the side and through porch. It is basically half farmhouse/half Irish version of 1959 suburbia with hints of commercial building. Like his butcher shop, the core of the walls, up to the second floor is concrete block on a limestone/ glacial till soil.

And it was built in a time of no a/c, I was born in a time of no a/c…it is a marriage in heaven! Windows, lots of windows and fans.