Uffda #2 When the snow blows, I grows

You may have corrupted me, I’m itching to start planting flowers outside


How has the weather been up your way?


Nothing to get excited about, to warm for snow to stick or stay, worse part was wind and fallen trees, alot here still without power, had to cut a few out of drive to get out this am. Cloud bursts now and again, but getting warmer. :+1:

Howz bout you?

We had some lite snow that melted in an hour yesterday morning and then windy and cool. My marigolds are itching to get out


Have not started the spring seeds yet, awaiting for the indoor to finish should be soon and will be good timing.

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@tryingtotry Southern MN near Rochester here


I’ve heard of using the cold to boost the trichs near the end. Though no hard evidence from what I can find. Did you find it helped by teasing them with a little cold???

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My two “frosties” were in the snow in their early vegetative state. So I can’t say that it made a difference for the trichomes :nerd_face:


Ok I think I heard putting them I. The cold during late flower was the ticket so not sure how it applies to veg stage hahaha. But hey you got some buds outta the deal so what doesn’t kill it makes it stronger right hahahaha



Lol…They were actually pretty good,. They were avocado and egg yolk mashed up, then stuffed like normal deviled eggs with chopped bacon

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Good Afternoon, Growmies!
It is past time for an update of my misdeeds. I did some trimming, some collection of clones, and general evaluation of the phenotypes.

First a class picture
Back row would be the Cafe Americano. This strain is truly a mystery,. All I know is that is out of Lost in Translation and is a cross between Latte and LIT OG. It shows the most variation in size.
Middle row is Future #1 from Anesia Seeds by way of Blimburn Seeds. They are doing their best to live up to their name.
Front and center is my lone Peanut Butter Breath and she is a keeper.

It is only fitting that the first individual shot is the PBB, she is the class valedictorian for going above and beyond with a sextuple crown. I love her growth habit; not too tight, not too stretched.

Future #1 A is an athlete, she wants to grow tall, I may call her Caitlyn

Future #1 B is the handicapped one, but still up for the paralympics. It is all my fault, I caught a limb while watering and it could not be saved.

Next we have the girls from the other side of the tracks.

The first two are large and robust. The middle one ended up with an extra node…oops!
The last one will likely be a reject.

Lastly, we have the Hella Jelly mother 2.0. I gave her a heavy trim to to keep her manageable.

In the Flower tent, things are getting stinkier and stickier. I give her to the end of April and she should be done. Hella Jella is a quick finisher…good to know!


Very nice training Sir :ok_hand::clap::+1: :heart_eyes:


I eat one - two avocados every single day of my life


Wow you got a lot going on over there! Everything looks so nice and organized. Did you hire somebody to do this?

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Dude, I am ready for some medicating! That took me 5 hours!!


It is getting crowded fast, I am collecting two clones per plant,

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So all these are photo. Correct?

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Yes, they are photos.

Caught you! and ty for the :heartbeat:

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All deserved! :nerd_face: :drooling_face:
I know it can be a grueling job, you did it wonderfully :clap: : :clap: :clap: