Ubba kush SHES wilting on the 1 set of leaves

I have a Girl Bubba kush SHES wilting on the 1 set of leaves but barely staying up , how do I make her leaves stand up and spread out like before

What am I doing wrong , she’s currently flying in the 75-78 degree is that too high maybe ?

I moved all of your posts to a new topic because you were posting in the middle of someone’s grow journal.

Can you provide some information about your grow please? Like are you growing it in that cup or the tote?

Is this canopy temp or water temp? 78 is fine for canopy temp but pretty warm for dwc solution.

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73 dwc temp

Dwc bucket 7 gallons , I moved to a cup to flush out nutrients But recently moved back to bucket

Moving it back and forth isn’t good. If you need to flush it just change solution. 73 sounds kinda warm, but I think it’s manageable if you have a ton of air and maybe run something like hydroguard.

I’m not a well versed dwc grower either, but I feel like I understand the basics. If I was to guess you have an issue with roots getting oxygen. I think in addition to above this can happen if you’re solution level is too high as well. Should be like a half inch or so of roots above water level.

Maybe @peachfuzz can drop by and take a look at what you have going.

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What nutes are you running? Pump ? Can we see your set up and line up

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Are the roots even in the water…?
I would stick the plant into a neoprene collar and inside of tote and ditch the hydrotone clay balls…
They just complicate things… :+1::wink:
She looks thirsty and deprived of oxygen at the same time … :thinking:
Water temps should run between 66 to 72 degrees , no higher or lower if possible…

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I started a Low stress training , is it too early you think , it’s been going on 4 weeks maybe the heat stressed the plant it went over 86 one time

She’s in water wit no nutrients at the moment

A 4 week old plant should be plenty old enough to train. 86 is warm, but shouldn’t kill a plant in short period of time.

I’ve seen 2 pictures of your plant, and both appear to be out of solution. This is probably more damaging to plant than training or slightly high canopy temps. And it needs nutrient solution in hydroponics, has nowhere else to get nutrients from.

Maybe you would be more successful trying a soil grow while you hone your skills with hydroponics?

How long should I leave her in regular water to flush if that’s what that’s called

If that’s the effect of heat stress instead of nutrient overload I should apply nutrients right away correct ?

Her roots are in the water I created a puddle at the bottom of the net and removed the starter that was making her leaves wilt