Two tone color leaf's, is it a deficiency?

Came across this plants odd two tone color and wanted to ask if this is ok or is there any need for nute’s ?

Looks like serious Iron deficiency… Have you checked run off PH and EC numbers? I had that same issue due to salt build up in the root zone and PH had dropped down to 5.2 so had serious nutrient lock out. Are you growing in soil or coco / hydro?

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Soil, BAS

Sorry, what is BAS? lol

This is what I was dealing with but I’m in coco. I eventually culled them all and started over. Also had root aphids so was really bad lol.


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Nearest matches I can find are iron or sulfur. But it’s not iron deficiency and it does need to be fixed. The description we’re given is “young leaves have interveinal chlorosis” but your more solid yellow not just interveinl but yellow veins too. Like a sulfur deficiency is described.
And iron is very abundant, only deficient with pH lockout, but you got no other signs of pH lockout.
Logically seems like sulfur deficiency.
I say give it tap water with epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) for a week or 2

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