Two Amneisa haze plants in 1 pot

Hello, I have a question I need some help with. I have 2 amnesia haze 3 weeks old that are growing together in 1 fabric 7 gal pot. I want to separate them and transfer the smaller one to its own pot. Is there a safe way to do this?

Thank you


If not just separate them and wait for recovery.
If autos you may stunt them. For Autoflowers I would put the root mass in a bucket of water and gently try to pull them apart underwater after letting the dirt wash away as much as possible… Then set the plants in a 1/3 filled container and fill with soil. Stay out of the sun to avoid root damage from direct light.



A picture would help is get a sense of the size of the plants.

I’ve separated once but it was just a week after they energed


Thats a good thought. Might just be able to move the small one.

Thank everyone for the quick response to my question. Hear are a couple of photos, also can anyone tell me why are some leaves curling up at the edges. Im sorry but I don’t know how to add photos. One girl is 19inches the other 17inches tall.

Oh, both will be 3 weeks old on 07/19/22

This is how to upload photos

Thank you🤓

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Its a little hard to tell how close those two plants are in the planter. But from what I see it looks like maybe only a couple inches. At this stage I might just recommend letting them grow together. We tell people not to do it because each plant might need different nutrients or it may grow on a different schedule. But those may be better off just staying where they re. It will reduce the outcome for each but you can consider them as one plant. The leaf curl is probably from heat or light stress. Backing the light off a bit should help. Or cool the tent some if its too hot.
I feel like separating them at this point is too risky unless they are much farther apart than they look.

Thanks for the info.

I left them both together and so far so good. Check out my photos.
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I don’t think that worked, so I will try again.
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