Twisting leaf tips? Newbie here who is helping out friends and family! Any help is appreciated!

Hi everyone! I am brand new to growing so I can help build a supply for friends and family. I don’t consume much myself but find the growing process therapeutic in its own way. Also, sorry ahead of time for the long post. I wanted to give as much detail as I could.

Anyway! I have what I think can be best described as twisting leaf tips and it seems to be getting slightly worse each day. I read online that it could be light stress or a multitude of other things, and was hoping I could get some advice on how to narrow it down.

The strain and age is ILGM Blue Cheese Auto at just under 7 weeks.

I am using a 2 by 4 AC Infinity setup with a Phantom PHENO 440 LED light. This particular plant is in full Fox Farm Happy Frog soil, and I have been using the fox farm grow big with a recent switch to tiger bloom. The tent stay at 74 degrees and averages 57-59% humidity. I understand that this light can be way more than I need so it is on level 3 of 10 which when I tested with a light meter worked out to be about 40% intensity, which in turn would be about 175 watts. Using Photone for Android I show a DLI of 46 with my 20/4 light schedule. I have not tested the soil Ph but always make sure my water is 6.3 when watering, and that it has been sitting for at least 24 hours with an air stone.

Thank you again for your time and expertise! I really am having fun growing but want to produce the best quality I can for my friends and family. :slight_smile:


I’m also newbie but I would switch to 18/6 for week then go to 12/12 step up watering… But I’m a newbie this is also my first season growing. I read a lot about watering give each plant a bottle of drinking water no additional anything ph 6 like you buy at Walmart. One bottle in morning one bottle when I turn off lights. Every three days I give them half of fox farm big 3 instructions at each stage. And every 5 days I hit them with California super shot. I have 4 vision 150 watt LEDs in a 4×4×8 tent. Period nothing else they are GG4 auto. In 3 gallon fab California super soil at bottom rest to top of planter is fox farms ocean blend… hope I helped you they are beautiful plants.

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Overall the plants are looking good Grow Bro, you still need to feed the FF Grow Big for the needed nitrogen and the BiG Bloom for the micro nutrients. Feed all 3 parts of the trio and recommend a TDS pen to measure input and run off PPMs. Target 1000-1200 PPMs and a PH of 6.5 for soil input and run off :love_you_gesture:


Appreciate you both! This is quite the learning process!

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Yep shoot for 6.8 to 6.5 for flowering nute uptake.

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It’s best to use the trio all together.
Big bloom, big grow, tiger bloom
With calmag. Here is a schedule if you dont have one. Figure out what week you are in and start there.


I think they look pretty good!

I appreciate the input! Since it is my first grow I ended up confusing myself and finally reached out to get some voices of experience. :grinning:

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