Turning Yellow Banana Kush

Banana Kush plant’s turning yellow
Lights 40 inches away
Nectar of the gods fertilizer
Water every other day

Any ideas


Pic of the whole plant?


Picture of the whole plant would be better to tell. Also let us know your watering strategy, nutrients/feed schedule and age of the plant.


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Could I have too much light
4 led units in 25 square feet

Or nitrogen deficiency

We need some more info.

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Without more info, this is likely the culprit. If in soil, our girls only like to be watered when dry. Overwatering is not amount at once but frequency.

Possible I suppose, but not likely. I have over 2200 watts (as measured from the wall) in 48 square foot area.

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I would check the ph first. Of the water you are watering with. There are several things going on there.

Ph lock would be the first thing I would rule out. If the ph goes above 7 the nutrients become chemically locked in the soil. Out of reach of the plants. That’s more likely than multiple deficiencies all at once.

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I second noddykitty1 oppunion. Probably ph issues or nutrient burn depending on your watering/feed schedule. I like water, water, feed, etc.

getting good feedback
water PH is always 6.6
Soil is ph balanced nectar of the gods #4

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