Trying to identify trichomes

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My plant is on week 7 ( flowering ) and the pistils are brown and curled in, and the trichomes look (to me ) some clear, some cloudy, and some might be amber. Using my microscope it is real difficult telling the bud is moving all over the place as well as my hand. Any idea how to hold it still for a better look.
Also my nutes are suppose to end in a week, what about flushing, do it??


Your not gonna like this reply…

Cut a small piece off and place on the table. And by small I’m mean small. Small


Ok thanks…

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This is brilliant and for some reason never occurred to me. headdesk

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Will one bud tell me about the whole plant ? Also how much water for final flush before harvest?

Some pictures don’t show up because are not full uploaded, but if you want to know when to harvest looking at trichomes or pistils I think this will help. FB_IMG_15058016396574751f2f0b7e65694473efb47615b29bb738ead89


I agree with @Wishingilivedina420state

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@tdaddy54 no one bud will not tell the hol story. Mj plants continue to bud the intire time during flower. Meaning new buds pop up every few days and take time to ripen. Usually the top of the plant will finish first, and the bottom takes a little longer.


Also stem splitting

Thanks so much for information

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