Trying a photoperiod after doing autos

I was using a viparspectra 600 (272 actual) for single auto grows. Is this going to be enough light for one or two super silver haze plant I’ll most likely be training them due to grow space Figured I’d ask somebody before I finalized my order.

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@Jheezy ,

I don’t see why not. It cover’s your space of grow to 4’ x 4’ or 3’ x 3’ more than enough room.and it covers all 3 stages of grow. You should know that But your just a paper bag right…lmao

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Just checking. Measure twice cut once kind of thing but on weed. Lol. I know bigger pot is always better but is 3 gal big enough for a ss haze? I’ve got my eye on two five gal square fabric pots that way could do two and they’d snug up to each other

Youll dont it . if in doubt hang a few CFL side lights :grin:

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Got plenty of those lol. 5-6 23w. And a 125 watt

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I saw these awesome fabric pots that literally just Velcro together at the seams. So when you’re ready for transplant you simply undo the Velcro, and bang, a block of dirt and roots sits waiting for transplant. Saw it in a magazine my hydro store gave me.


After a long month of 91 degrees when lights are on box was 86 with lights on. :+1:t2:
Really want to find a dresser or armoire on Craigslist and gut it for a stealthier cabinet. Mine is so obvious it’s ridiculous. Not that I have many visitors but still.

I was looking at Amazon. I’d see this I want but in a 5 gal. Or they’d have a four pack when I want two. Idk probably roll up to store and see what’s what I think the 3 gal geo pot was $3

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I saw them on amazon!!! Really nice!! So far these are as good as smart pots. I love the 4 gallon.


I have these as well. Very inexpensive for 5 pots. I use 7 gallon for my cucumbers. 3 gallon for my outdoor auto end of summer grow.

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lol. The second pic are the ones I was looking at and the square ones. I like that price. Want three gallons but wonder if five gal better. After my last auto just for grins I washed the roots off to get a look they weren’t filling out the three gal but I figured it was because of cheap soil. I used a super generic Walmart soil. I don’t even think it had a brand name.

Maybe it wqs the soil. This auto is a lot further along at a month than last time