Trimming Slightly Airy Autos

Trimming some autoflower Sativa’s. They look good, but should I compress the trimmed bud somewhat with my fingers?

One in the left is natural, one on the right was compressed slightly. Does it matter?

RH is already 60% after 6 days of drying.

Smell is awesome, citrus light smell like an orange, but is a Strawberry Cough.


Growers choice, if that’s how you like it! Handling them a lot may damage some trikes. I wouldn’t bother personally, it will all smoke just the same.

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I wouldn’t, aside from trimming I try to touch as little as possible. Heavy sativas generally are “airy” and elongated by comparison with indica. Doesn’t mean you cant pull off dense sativa,you gotta really pound them with light. just don’t expect them to be like indica. Wait till after cure, they will stiffen up a bit.

What are your temps with the 60% humidity? If under 65° you probably have a couple days left.


Temps have been 70-74 F.

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So that’s usually about a 3-5 day dry if you are hanging by branch. Either way. Looks and sounds good. Congrats on the harvest.

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Cool. Small branches are snapping, medium ones don’t snap. The non autoflower plants aren’t ready yet and have better buds. :v:


Looking good! Sounds like appropriate timing!

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those jars are awesome, pop the top and ready to rock

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