Trimming my plants

Question from a fellow grower!

I live in NE Texas, is it time to just let my crop grow without trimming? I will harvest in October

The first trimming should only be done at week 3 of. Flowering no trimming should be done prior as all green matter aids in photosynthesis and grows a bigger stronger plant.

Lolipop it and defoilate it at week 3 of flower. Wait two or three weeks and defoilate it again.

Also remove any sucker branches that don’t make it up half way the plant and anything not the thickness of a mechanical pencil or bigger. This energy will be pushed to other parts in the plant rather then wasting on those sucker that won’t develop


I too am in NE Texas.

So I started trimming up my outdoor grows last week. I start lollipopping my plants early.

First I removed all the growth in the bottom third of the plant. I remove any growth that doesn’t reach halfway up the plant. I did leave a couple of branches on this one for clones later.

I then pick a mid sized leaf and removed every leaf that was bigger.

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Other advice received has been to trim immediately before flowering?

If you trim while your plants in transition, you may stress it to much and this can lead to stunting or a herm possibility down the road if your running fem seeds.
Flipping is already stressful.

Allow all the leaf aka bio mass to grow your plant as much as possible. Then when it’s done growing in the veg state and it is going to grow in the flower state trim it so buds can receive light which they need to grow. Meanwhile leaving Enough leaf matter to allow the plant to still breath and survive but not a bunch of excess that blocks light and air circulation.