Trimming a flowering plant

I have a really bushy critical purple that has some leaves with spotting due to what I think is calcium deficiency. Should I trim them? Will it slow flower growth at week 3 or 4? Thanks in advance.


Removing them starts a downward spiral. Remove them and you’re at ease because there’s no spots but then the spots show up on other leaves. Remove them and you’re at ease again. Soon you have no leaves left. If they’re still green, leave them be. Have you resolved the calcium issue?


I have taken steps to treat the issue with a calcium/magnesium granule. The leaves lost the majority of the lightening of the leaves and are a good green again. First plant, so im as green as the plant when it comes to right and wrong choices.


The leafs are still good, don’t trim them. Your going to want to know if it gets worse or not