Tried to make Tincure ? This happened?

So wife things I was yeah let’s do it, we have done canna butter with good success but wanted to try something new. So not very many pics because I didn’t expect any problems
1 . First thing we did is de carbed in oven 40 mins 245-240 got an oven Thermometer in there with to keep temp constant. Also broke down bud to pop corn size
2 After that let cool, wife found Green Dragon, and Yellow Dragon is what recipe was called ? Don’t know if that matters, got 190 proof grain alcohol, where I live we call it Ever clear
3 Small mason jars, pics will be below, got Everything clear in freezer over night to chill then stuff jars with de carb bud and filled as high as weed level
4 Did 2 different kinds of went into fridge for 2 days, another’s went into freezer, 3 times a day would get out and not shake but swoosh around then but back in, then removed all weed inside jars, had a green, Amber, yellow color?
5.Put in crock pot with a cheese cloth over top No lid to let alchol evaporate off.
5 Taste tested after a few hr in crock pot, and let cool down, tested like alcohol still so put back in crock pot. Did crock pot bath set on low setting, with water filled up to about a 1/4 of mason jar
6 So we would do a few hrs and some would evaporate off, let cool down and taste, still alcohol, re peat process, then went to look in and this it what was left
6 ok I know sorry it’s long, we where just trying some new, I had a great first harvest so have plenty of bud to play with just don’t know what went wrong
Like always thank again in advance, I all ways get great info, and luv from everyone out there

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If you see marker and pen level. At first was above the marker, then evaporated off to pen, then tried again and got what u see. Did crock pot get to hot. I was able to get what was in that jar out, have not tested I have health stuff and have to stay away from all THC, and CBD, wife out of town few days back tonight will taste test, I think that all the info I got. All tips pointers and advice welcome. Thanks again

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O yeah, so would only leave in crock pot for 4 hrs time span, I didn’t think that would to long, sorry I know I just adding stuff, thanks again

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Let’s see if @Caligurl can give any advice

The last time I made the grn dragon the instructions said after a week of shaking strain off plant material, then use dropper to p!ace liquid under tongue and hold :fire:.
I see now it’s advanced, I wanna try again now :grin:


It does concentrate a lot I usually do 7 to 8 oz at a time so I get a lot more when cooking off the alcohol I don’t let my temp get over 180 then I mix with MCT oil that concentrate can be very powerful I remember once putting the end of my finger in it a licking it I was cooked for 16 hours


Not positive but it does look like it wasn’t filtered all the way. Was the stuff in the bottom hard to get out, like it was waxy?


Looks like you accidentally made RSO from letting it boil down too long

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Yea it was I have syringes I know that sounds bad but live in a farm and have syringes for farm stuff, I was able to suck up that what at the bottom, and it did had a weird consistency to it. Ok will try again have plenty of bud to try again with, thanks

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Big cat what is RSO ?

Rick Simpson oil (RSO) its like a super concentrated thc. My dad takes some for his chemo after treatments. The thc coats the cancer cells and prevents them from spreading


Wow thats amazing, never ceases to amaze me what this 1 plant can do, so many good things, thanks again


Yes but RSO isn’t made with ethanol. What that ended up,being is a wet (or dab)

Next time don’t evaporate in a jar but in a shallow pan so you can scape off that gooey yumminess


This my rso i got around 7 grams


I did green dragon a few months back. Strong alcohol taste, I put 1ml under my toungue.

What has happened in that few months since making it is next level crazy goodness!

The potency is now off the charts, had 1ml the other night she lost vent I have ever been! :joy:

Good times

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Wondering what folks are doing with their tincture
Making edibles by infusing oil and simple syrup myself
Trying to work on dispersion and micro and nano emulsion
When I first started doing reductions I invested in a a good stainless steel pot, a stainless steel trivet and a two burner electric stove top $25 some years ago

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@Tincandtoke hey man hate to bother but if you don’t mind could you get me a quick run down of how you got that far, I started the thread and apparently goofed my up. I know I don’t know what I’m doing just wanted to see where maybe i went wrong, thanks

I do a cold extraction method which cuts down on the amount of undesirables you extract
You do get some lipids and wax as well as the color
MT initial filter is with a paper filter that goes inside a stainless steel cone coffee filter that sits inside a ceramic dripper

This initial filter gets you a clean tincture but it is still loaded with wax and color
This one is amber
The taste that is on most edibles makes me gag and I love bleu cheese
So I started looking at color remediation

The top pic is a product called carbonX

Carbon is used to remove the coloring but activated charcoal can rob cannabinoid and it has carcinogenic materials from the processing
Next pic is used for lipids and waxes
I have not tried this
Next pic is me making celite 545 pucks for filtering

I do this because I am planning to grow my own and it shortcuts having to produce a concentrate that I can use in edibles
The taste of cannabis edibles is so off putting to me

It is a little involved but not hard and produces a great product that has minimal cannabis taste that can be easily covered up without having to over compensate with another flavor
About to do a blackberry simp!e syrup

So my question back to you is how much do you want to clean up your tincture

I get a ton of abuse for this stuff
99.9999% of people stick with the paper filter in the stainless steel filter method

As for your reduction problem
Invest on a stainless steel pot and trivet
Then an electric stovetop

This will help with your reductions
You can set up under an open window with a fan blowing the fumes toward the window to dissipate them

My extraction reduction kit (in the beginning)
Anytime you over reduce your tincture pour more fresh alcohol in the receptacle to reconstitute it
You don’t need a lot if you plan on infusing something but if you use it orally then you may want to dilute it so a drop does not green you out

Sorry for the ramble
You caught me after my second cup

Hey thanks so much, I read it, i was confused, gave phone to my wife she read she pulled out her phone and was like Yep, ( she’s the smart one) she’s in kitchen now. So again thanks a ton

No problem
Just read it over and it is a bit of a ramble

Just some insight into what I am doing

My understanding is that you used oil to reclaim the reduced tincture
This is a finished infused product that is ready to use

If you used alcohol to reclaim the reduced tincture then you would still be able to choose what carrier you used to ingest
Oil or sugars are the main carriers

More pics of my process
The tincture that’s been “scrubbed” with carbon and celite
The tincture reduction on a silicon mat
The filtering