Trichomes vs. Pistils -- Who decides

Right now, Abendego (my last plant of my 1st grow) still has some white pistils – but also considerable amber trichomes - not showing too well here. Which one is the decision maker, in your book?

Sat May 07 13-04-20


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Hooray – I want to harvest today. I tried a little from her last night and I love it without any dry or cure.

Do you have more trichome pics? I still see some clear trichs. I would hate to have given you advice that led you to harvest too early.


Trichomes, but only the trichomes on the actual bud. Sugar leaf trichomes turn faster than the bud trichomes.

There’s a handy video floating around here somewhere that points out how more often than not, peak potency for cannabis is achieved well before all the pistils on the plant have browned and receded.


BUD trichomes. As @MidwestGuy said you have some clear not yet cloudy trichomes. Wait for it…
Different strains handle pistils differently. Some turn slower than others. Some suck the rusty pistils back inside where you can’t see hardly any. BUD trichomes are the more consistent indicator. When you just start to see a few amber BUD trichomes you are at or just starting past peak potency.

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These amber pistils are getting sucked back and are almost impossible to see. Seems some of the amber trichomes are also disappearing. This is one wild plant… it’s got everything going on. And, @Graysin that’s why I want to harvest – because I think (and what the heck do I know) that she’s at her peak.

And, when you say pics of buds, not leaves – what should I shoot? The pics here are from the top and interior of the bud. Some sugar leaves get in the way sometimes.

How about a pic of the whole plant?

Here you go.

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Looks like she’s almost done. I’d say you are at the start of harvest window. Speedy high. After a few more weeks she’ll be going into couch slouch high and after that couch lock.
Who decides?.. You!

I think timing of harvest is the most intense part of the grow. You want it to be just right. Tough sometimes.


That’s a good one right there!

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But don’t get the EHS idea that it has to be on that certain day at just the right hour when the moon and stars and Elon’s satellites are all lined up. (EHS= early harvest syndrome). Relax, you got this!

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I’ve learned to chill – finally. I prefer energetic, creative, calming to – "Honey, I can’t move. That’s why I’d like to harvest now. On her sisters, I think one was late and one perfect per pistils and trichomes. What I can say is all three smoke smooth and happy.


Harvest yesterday, then. :v: Seriously you’re in the window to grab a great high and not sacrifice anything significant by way of weight.

Do have pics of the bud its self rather than sugar leaves

This is your answer.

I’m on it – right now. Booh yah.

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I dont even check trichomes until nearly all the pistils have turned brown and receded back into the calyx’s. Trichomes are the final indicator but the pistils tell me when to start checking. When you’re checking trichomes fisrt count the amount of trichomes that are not amber then count the amber youll find that you are nowhere near 10% to 30%. Having a few amber amongst hundreds if not thousands of clear or cloudy ones means its not ready.

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