Trichomes and harvest

I have been in flower for 54 days almost 8 weeks i have my first amber trichomes only maybe one or two. My question is how much longer before it goes 50%amber? I’m running 4, 7 gallon pots in a 5 by 5 tent ffof soil and 2 1000w hps lights. Grandaddy purple leaves have started turning yellow and getting closer to the buds. I want a more couch lock high.


My gdp took about another 3 weeks after seeing the first amber color


If you want couch lock then go another two weeks.


Very good thanks for the input another two weeks it is


Does the amount of light in such a small space force the plants to finish faster? I’m running 2000w hps in a5 by 5 tent?

Maybe, but not really sure.

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It all looks good. Suggest a Xmas harvest would be ideal. However, just like the wine makers, it good to take a sample to gauge the results…:face_with_monocle: