Trichome Question Final Flush

Will 24 to 48 hours of darkness help to turn trichs amber faster? Into 11 week of flower with sugar leaves mostly amber but trichs on bud s not developing any. (Chemdog) @FNG101v2

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Not that I’ve ever heard… but you’ll get a hundred different answers/reasons :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Just read an interesting article that@FNG101v2 wrote from Jun 2018 thought it was very informative.

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Some people claim it enhances the terpenes, some say it leaches out starches. Other theories… At lights out the plant transports most of those same salts (and any sugars produced) back to the roots to prepare for the next day

I’m definitely no expert here… I like reading all the different articles though :wink:


I believe, and there is no scientific evidence to back any weed claim… that putting the plants into darkness for a day or two tricks the plant into thinking they’re dying. I combine this with a flush of ice cold water. In my opinion you can see a noticeable difference in the trichrome before and after the flush :drooling_face: