Trichome Experts Wanted

Just curious if there are any trichome experts out there. I can’t find anything online to answer my question so maybe someone here knows something.

I’m on my 3rd grow of some auto-flowering NYCD. The first grow, the trichomes came as soon as it entered flowering stage and the crop was dusty by the end. When I used the loupe, I could see lots of trichomes.

My second grow, I topped for an experiment. The main cola produces a chemical called Auxin which allows the main cola to get large and keeps the other buds smaller. She was not happy about being topped, as suspected with autoflowers. The plant did not get very dusty and when I looked with the loupe the trichomes looked noticeably different: the trichomes on the first grow were MUCH longer. I know that sounds weird but the second grow trichomes looked so short that it was almost too hard to see with my loupe, even though my first grow I could see without issue.
They both smoked fine, but I love weed so I’m biased. :rofl:

Obviously, I did some different things with each plant-- but has anyone every noticed a difference in trichome size and do they know anything about it. THANKS

I just got done doing 6 strains and all of mine had big trichomes on the buds themselves the difference i saw was like how much you would see and the size difference would be on the leaves.
So this is my Jack herer

This is my sugar black rose

I am not a expert but this is the difference i saw between strains. They were topped but the buds were not tipped. Hope this helps you


Looking awsome. Last poc almst looks like u have some light bleaching happening, what kimd of lights u run @ThcinKC ?

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That is not light bleaching i run 2 600w hps lights with 2000k red sodium hps bulbs in a 4x4x6 grow tent


They really got frosty from ice baths and spiking the stalks

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There are three or four types of trichomes . Check this out .Hemp trichome types. (A) Unicellular non-glandular trichome; (B) cystolythic trichomes; (C) capitate sessile trichome; (D) capitate-stalked trichome; … If you search this out on the net it will show some photos of them . Hope that helps .


I found this photo

I read so much my head almost blew up . lol


Good question. Idk

i think that auto’s have weird characteristic genes…???
they do weird chit commonly, were regular photo’s r more stable…???

was there any environmental changes or just the topping.?


Autos don’t do “weird” stuff, per se. They definitely have a slightly different set of grow guidelines, but they’re not weird/mutated plants that grow w/o rhyme or reason. :grinning:

The various types of trichs are actually found on each plant. They vary in size, shape, and cannabinoid/terpene content, but they do naturally develop on all strains. Think of them like the various types of feathers a bird has: downy, pin, flight, etc.

This one doesn’t give a fancy preview like the other links, but it’s a great read:


I had no idea about there being different trichomes so that will be helpful. Thanks for your response! Awesome picture too.

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These are great links! Much appreciated

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I learned a lot from them, myself.