TReynolds New Room! No more problems!

First and foremost, I want to say WOW! I’ve always read the articles posted by ILGM but never knew about the forum and just found my own solutions to issues. But the amount of info is tremendous!

Back story a little then will upload pictures and start the build out in the next week or so.

Okay I’ve been growing since I purchased my own home in 2012, being as young as I was then I always wanted to do it but never had a secured location until then… I held out for about 8 months to get the golden ticket from the wife! And since then she’s had her moments of displeasure but she likes to know I’m happy within the home and doing a hobby. So the Original grow room was setup by previous owners as a jarring/storage area… I one day decided today’s the day! And starting smashing shelf’s out of the room to create an open air free space. Then continued to grow and experiment with the Cannabis world. I finally after 5 years averaging two grows a year, got my best grow of my life! It was harvested in April 2020, which produced a little over 13.5 oz of nice bud and over 5 oz of trim for various things. All off one mother plant (vegged for 3.5 months) and two clones vegged 5 weeks and all flipped at once due to the room only having one section and not trying to over complicate the room… With the three in full flower the room was absolutely to full! (More on this with videos/pictures) in next posts.

So soon after that great high of an experience, I said let’s do MORE! And boom in 5 more go… They sprout and we’re coming along (called the Jackson 5) shortly after the room was running fine… Then noticed little gnats flying and some other unwanted guests… I begin the purge! Neem oil and many other things, I’m thinking I got it back under control… Being summer with the room in the basement it never got hot… But that week it did, being northeastern it reaches 100+ we got issues… And let me tell you those notes set in hard that week! So I got back to fighting after two weeks of consistent neem oil and treatments, it was still infested! So after a long hard thought, and my 600w ballast deciding it wanted to blow a fuse and burn the whole ballast makig it unsafe and not useable… I pulled them all! This makes me sad as I’ve never given up on a grow.

But failure brings the come back! And here we are Damn It! So let’s get onto the new and improved!

Okay we are going to a quick run down of the new room and new equipment I plan on getting, if anything seems way off or could go a easier/better route I’m all ears!

So current room is about a 5x2x7… This next room is going to fill the space and it measures 11 feet long 7 feet wide and 7ish tall… This will be internally split into stages. Having a slightly smaller veg area followed deeper into the flower stage. I have plans for completely new wiring specific for the room only. I’ll be dryloking the whole basement prior to any building if the room… (I believe is a stem to some issues of the past.) Going to be running two T6 AC Infinity fans in addition to a fresh air intake fan was thinking of 8" S8 AC Infinity. The ducting will be ran out the vertical stake from the house. Obviously carbon filtered (which was the wife’s biggest complaint of last operation… Insufficient scrubbing) To complete a closed environment, the room will be built to the great state’s code… With insulation to make a complete sealed area, protecting against smell and sound. It should be AWESOME!

So with ventilation and fresh air taken care of we go to lighting… Im a Traditional MH/HPS guy… And plan on only running 5-7 plants at each stage… The Veg area will be approximately 4x7, while only using about a 4x5ish area depending on pots etc. So I planned on running a 600w MH… Thinking of this as I write this I’m thinking I need more… But could use the cloning area light or supplement from the sides…The flower area is going to be probably ran by two 600w lights. Giving a total of 1200 watts and a bit easier to control temps with… In theory of course! I had good success with Vivosun bulbs the last run using the MH and the Super HPS… So we will try again in the new room. I still have to source the ballast, I have one hood already. So will have to find some deals here quick!

If you made it this far I commend the effort and I will in turn return with current pictures and demo which starts tomorrow! I hope you guys can sit back enjoy the build out for a few weeks (still got a budget after all… Which will devulge in as it goes). And then we’ll be going plant crazy as we already have the first five up!!

Genetics for first five: 2x Bubble chesse(Gifted as think these are the other two…) 1x Big Bud 1x Amnesia 1x Afghan Kush

So this took super long and I’ll be back with some photos of the area and some previous plant and finished product pictures I think I still have!

Thanks everyone glad to be apart of this community!


Welcome to the forum @TReynolds17
Im jealous of your grow space

Man you better be back with photos because I not only made it to the end of your book but you got me pumped with your enthusiasm. It seems you get just as excited as ALL of us do for some home grown dank. I know for a fact everyone in the forum is rooting for ya and can’t wait to see the set up. Good luck with the grow, big congratulations on the house and lastly…THANK GOD the warden is on board with your growth. LoL does she smoke, what do your buddy’s think of your smoke, what do you think of your work?

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Sounds great so far !!

I’m looking forward to the fun and I will be following along.

Thanks for taking the time to share with us !

I hope those work… First time uploading photos… the short 36 sec video didn’t work. Today I’ll try to host it and reload it up. This is jarring of the last April 2020 harvest… About the finish of the second plant at about 9-10 oz.

The grow room of yesterday was supposed to come down today… Buttttt yeah know 4 year old birthday party and somethings for the horse… That’s a whole different ball game I’m sure we’ll get back to that f’n horse…

Tomorrow I’ll have some demo pictures as I begin to prep the walls for the drylock prior to building the room.

Super messy picture of the area but it’s going to be from copper heating pipe to the support pipe and to the outside wall… 11x7 of clean open space! Even showed the wife a video of a youtube, similar to the idea and she said hell yeah go for it! So we are off tomorrow to the races!


Update 10/24/20- Things had gotten in the way past few weeks, but time had come to take down the previous owners build out…

Now how shall we get rid of all this debris I’ve created… Well it’s kinda cold so… Joint and a fire it is!

Tomorrow we have some finish of the drylock fast set putty for some bigger cracks and areas I want to be sure don’t have any moisture behind the walls.

Here we have a couple of the 2x4 that’ll be used to show the basic size on the floor of the whole room!

Also easy access to exiting ducts!

Finish up the Drylock tomorrow and be back with some more pictures of some pearly whites walls! Then frame it up!

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