Treamming or not treamming

I’m getting there finally with my bucket garden.
My question is, should i tream the leaves which allow more light to lower branches or not.
The second picture is of my mystery plant ( top head on one of the branches). I can see ( when zoom in) some kind of bubbles or sack. Is this normal, or this is the male sack?

2nd picture looks like a hermie . Which is both female and male plant and it will self pollinate and produce buds with seeds but will be able to harvest

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Ok, thanks dopekyza. I got this seed long time ago and not sure about what strain it is.
At least is growing nicely, but is it still ok for buds or should be eliminated.

If you keep that plant your other one will be loaded with seeds and you won’t get much yield at all …best to pull it right away

I yank them quickly with murderous intent!

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Looks like i wasted lots of time.
At least the other one in the bucket will be ok ( i hope - the first photo), but can i tream the lives on it?

Sure looks like a hermaphrodite to me. You could try to find and remove them and still get good results. But them boys could be tricky to keep up with. As you may know.

If any of them open up you could be in trouble like paranormal said. My thought works if you notice early enough.

The growing buckets are in different locations, separate by wall.
Oh well. Start over again.