Transplanting Regular seeds

Hey guys! I have a few questions regarding transplanting.

  1. Do I let my plants rest after the transplant? Or is it okay to put them under my light again?

  2. What after-transplant care do you guys reccomend?

I just transplanted 2 seedlings into 5 gallon grow bags.

Fox Farms ocean Forest compost
A couple tea spoons of epsom salt ( magnesium sulfate)
And I dusted the hole that I put the plants in with organic ground cinnamon, as well as the roots.

Gave them a good drink and set them aside to rest.

I am getting conflicting answers about putting the plants under lights after transplanting. Some say it’s okay to do, just reduce the intensity on the light ( I have a viparspectra xs1000 )
Others say the plants need darkness to settle in the new home.

I’m not sure which answer is the right one which is why I am requesting help from all of you amazing people.

These seeds were gifts and I have no clue what they are , male or female, from the looks of one of them, it’s kind of displaying some indica characteristics with the true leaves.


I believe the seeds came from a mother plant, not too sure though.

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Not saying im right or wrong but i dont change anything. I transplant 4 times on every grow with photos. Here is a pic of transplant day and 3 days later not changing any existing conditions. Gotta grab from my journal…

As for what i give her i add rhino skin to ro water at 6.8 to set her.


I transplant and put right under the light with it set for the proper ppfd/dli for its age. Never had an issue.


Imo plants need light to be able to grow, which means they need light to be able to recover. Lower intensity light than you’d throw at her for “hurry up and grow” is a good idea, but to be honest your light isn’t going to be enough to hurt her even at max output.

I just water thoroughly to ensure the roots and surrounding grow medium are at the same moisture level, and let it ride for a day or five, depending on your medium. Soil will take longer to dry out, especially after a transplant.


You don’t need any nutes for about 5 to 6 weeks since u are using FFOF. They look good so far.


Did you measure the run-off? I use similiar with Dolomite Lime, Peat Moss, and Mycorrhizae.
My grow had problems occur with too low PH. Corrected with Apera 20 PH and everything available to bring soil PH up. Good growing to you.

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plants look great , go for it 18/ 6 light schedule an watch them grow. :v::+1:


23 days under 24 hour light. Direct planting into large pots is not poor grower etiquette. Controlled watering and maximum airflow make it possible. 24 hour lighting in vegetative stage will in no way adversely affect your grow.


I did not measure run off. I have a PH / ppm meter from VivoSun. But the issue I’m having with it, people say I need to calibrate it with distilled water, which I don’t have on hand.
But the company emailed me back and confirmed it’s already been calibrated. And the PH packets are for future calibrations.
I need to get a drip tray to put under the grow bags to get a good reading.
Still trying to figure out how to use the meter.

Wow, they look incredible. What is your rest hours, or do you not let the plants rest at all?

My light cycle currently is on 18/6. Flip it on around 7 am, don’t turn it off until 1 am, they sleep when I sleep.

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Haven’t fed any nutes at all yet besides Big bloom, which is a very light nutrient that won’t burn even seedlings.
I’m pretty sure this is week 3
They both are growing in their 4th node, it’s little leaves but they’re coming.
It’s interesting though, one plant is showing the same amount of nodes, but the spacing between the nodes is smaller, so it’s a shorter plant, while the other one, the spacing is a little more but the leaves are noticeably bigger.

I wonder if this is one sign to tell male from females?

I personally do not allow my plants to rest until I turn my light to a 12/12 flowering cycle. I allow them to run their entire vegetative stage on 24 hour lighting. I run a MarsHydro FC-E 4800 at 50% when I go 12/12 I turn it up to 75% then after 2 weeks they get their first bloom feeding I turn it up to 100%. I have been dealing with potted plants for over 30 years not all cannabis. Homegrown is the best grown👍🏻

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You can take a guess based on early growth - taller plants are generally more likely to be male. But I also wouldn’t bet money on it, because every plant is different anyway. I had a beautiful Afghan that grew “female,” I.e. short stature, slow to grow, big broad leaves - but was male all the same when it was 12/12 time. Sometimes you can just feel it in your gut that it’s male, but usually it’s blind luck. I think male plants smell different, but it’s subtle and honestly even then you’d have to have grown a lot of that one particular strain to notice the difference. They just smell… a little bit greener. If that makes sense.

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Makes sense!
I was always told that you can distinguish a male from female within the first month of growth.
The flowers will appear and if it’s male, there will be little balls or sacs forming, and if it’s female, the flower will get bigger and have pistils shoot out from them.

I guess my question for that is: do you have to flip to flowering cycle in order to see this occur? Or will it actually display pre flowers before you even flip the schedule?
I’ve only grown autoflowers, this is my first run on these photoperiods.
Not sure if they are male or females yet.

I was also told before there is NO way to tell until you flip the light schedule. Then some people say you can tell within the first couple months of growth by looking at the internodes.

Not sure which is right :joy::metal:t3:

You can tell the sex of a plant once they are mature. This happens before you flip the lights unless you flip before you see this and force them to go into flower. I am always getting the canopy where I want it even after seeing the sex so I flip when ready and since she is already mature, I will see hedgehogs within a few day of the flip.
Ready to flip

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I can usually venture a guess, but honestly some plants just won’t display any signs of sexual maturity until you flip their light schedule. Some will send out small pistils if you keep them in veg until they hit sexual maturity, but I find that to be the exception rather than the rule. You can generally see the formation of male or female parts well before they actually develop into something problematic, but that won’t usually happen until the 12/12 flip.

Sometimes. I’ve seen females produce early indications of their sexual maturity, but never a male. Not to say it’s not possible, it just hasn’t happened for me in my grows yet.

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Definitely possible. I have had males not only show their sex early but even with veg lighting, the sacs popped and I came home from work one day and the closet was full of pollen. Wasn’t in flower yet. Of course you know what happened next.

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