Transplanting Indoor to outdoors

Hi there growers!

We got a question from a customer, which was a little bit to difficult for us to reply to.
Could you help him out? :slight_smile:

How deep should the hole in the new soil be when transplanting seedlings from indoors to outdoors? Also what should be the dimensions of the surface area?

We await your replies!

The hole should be dug slightly less deep than the pot your transplanting from so that 1/3 to 1/4 of the root ball is above ground to ensure the seedling doesn’t drown. I like to dig the hole larger than necessary and mix in soil additives and then refill the hole. Now the area the roots will be spreading out into is less dense and has available nutrients for the developing root system.


This is excellent advice.


I make a hole in the now soil the same size or bigger than the pot im transplanting from I put some mycorrhizae in the new hole then transplant. I dont put them outside until the 1st week of June.