Transplanted from 4 inch to 8 inch pots, now I need to upgrade my light - advice needed :)


I had 4 seedlings in 4 inch pots in an 80 x 60 x 70 tent with this light in it:

With the seedlings in the 4 inch pots I had to keep that light pretty close to the plants.

But I just transplanted from the 4 inch pots to 8 inch, and now when that light is close enough, it isn’t really ‘reaching’ all of the plants due to the new pot size. So I need a light that can be further away from the plants. I hope that makes sense.

I can add extra 24w bulbs to this light (up to 5 more)… am I right in thinking that I should just add more bulbs so that I can raise this light up high enough to cover the seedlings in their new bigger pots? Or do I need to buy a whole new light?

If I can just add to this one, is it as simple as…

Add 2 extra bulbs, I can raise it to twice the height, add 4 extra bulbs, I can raise it to 4x the height?

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Hello there, can’t help at all with those lights. @dbrn32 is our resident light expert so he should be able to give you the answers you’re looking for. I’ve tagged him so he will be along shortly for a chat. Good luck with your grow :sunglasses:

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I appreciate that very much. Thank you :slight_smile:

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80x60 inches?

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You can add more bulbs to increase the light for now which will help for a couple weeks but you will need a different light for later stage vegging and flowering.


My bad, sorry - cm.

Thank you. I will be moving them outdoors permanently in a couple of weeks. Just trying to get them big enough to safely transplant to my 25 gallon pots outdoors.

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Then load that sucker up with bulbs, will hold them for a couple weeks.


100-150 watts of t5 should be plenty to veg a space like that on 18 hour schedule.


You guys are beautiful. Thanks a lot for the advice. Will load this housing up with bulbs and raise it up :slight_smile:

Everything going so well so far, they’re looking really good since the transplant already (lots of new growth!), so I’m pretty confident, but the little things are making me stress the first time around :sweat_smile:

Thanks again!

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