Transplant Question

I’m ready to transplant my starter plant into it’s permanent larger pot. I saw someone re-plant into a larger pot with about 1/4 of the roots exposed. Is this a good practice to allow more oxygen for the plant?

I’ll say use pelite in your soil an your roots will be alright away without a 1/4 of the roots showing I’ve never heard of it but if it works better let me no u would have to steak it up if u did that

If you can see 1/4 of the soil ball showing roots; You are not root bound and it is a great time to transplant. As to whether you should plant into final pot at this stage is another question.

Proper technique is: Go from seedlings to 1 gallon for veg, and go to 3 gallon pot for final transplant. Using larger pots inside is a waste of space, and grow medium, unless you are growing a big bhushy tree by itself. At that point, it may be advisable to use 5-7 gallon pot.

So having some of the roots exposed at the top of the soil is not going to supply anymore oxygen to the plant?

No its need a good thing to do the roots could dry out or something like that

If roots are exposed, they will be exposed to the potential of algae growth. Algae consumes oxygen that is meant for the roots. You never want roots exposed to light.

Oxygen is great, but light is bad for roots. As simple as it can be put.

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Thank you lakewood! That makes sense.

this mature plant is probably root bound in a 1 gallon pot. would it be risky to transplant it to a larger pot?

Absolutely Not!