Transplant from Ground to Pot When Just starting to flower

I have 2 large plants growing outside in the ground. One is Granddaddy Purple the other is a Blueberry Kusch (I Think, it was a gift). The plants are about 6 - 7 ft tall and fairly bushy. I have a problem with the grow location to the point I may need to abort the mission… I was wondering if there would be an option to dig these up to put in a large pot and move them. They are just starting to flower and I know this would shock them but would it kill them? I guess in the end if I just have to get ride of them I might as well try to move them and if they make it great. They would still be outside just a bit more portable.

I guess I’m looking to see if any one else has done this with a fair amount of success? How did they do it and are there any fertilizers or such that could help? Thanks in Advanced!!

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It is incredibly hard to take herb plants that have been growing in the ground and Transplant it into a pot/container, why? Well the root system is so extensive when it’s in the ground… roots grow EVERYWHERE…not in one spot like it does in a container, the more the roots Branch out into a very large area…and can go DEEP… if it’s something that you are just doing for fun go ahead and try it just dig a big hole around it and deep cuz if you mess up those main roots it’s all for NOT