Transitioning mid veg from soil to a wicking pot

Hey growing GDP. ILGM
Soil foxfarm ocean forest happy frog 50/50
She has been topped and staked. @Arrow is the inspiration for this grow. Hey arrow how are you doing. Not sure how much longer ill be in veg at least a month.
Nutrients advanced nutes 3 part ph. I have every bottle for the full grow.
Water tap that has set with the lid off for at least 2 days.
Indoor 2x4 tent
Light el cheapo from amazon
4 in intake with filter
6 in exhaust with filter
Room is climate controlled. Tent dosent get over 74 with the lights on.
2 fans in tent
@Breezy @Hellraiser please tag aanyone who you think can help with advanced.

I got 1 plant of gdp in the 2x4. She is growing in a normal pot and has been in the pot for 2 1/2 months. I topped her 2 weeks ago and staked her out last weekend. I will be continuing to veg until I fill the tent. At least a month easily.

Tonight I have been talking to a buddy who doesn’t grow lol. We decided to try my wicking system that i built (bottom water style) back in the beginning of learning to grow 2 ish years ago. We are also talking about breezys constant suggestions to switch to ro water.

My concerns
Rootball. If i have a developed rootball wiil it rebound and go to the water source or will it starve.

Delivery of nutes. Will i get proper uptake or shoud i feed nutes through the soil and water below between feedings?

Ro water do i have to add cal mag? Do i have to monitor tds?

What i built as the Oklahomans say a wicking bucket. Or a homemade autopot or octopot. I learned to add a aquarium stone to aerate the water. It seemed to work really well but i didn’t know how to get weight because I didn’t know shit. Know i ki da know shit and am averaging 1/2 pound a plant. But no trichomes or the beauty i had then. So I figured why not try and revisit this with the shit know now.

Any input is appreciated im not doing this until the week of june 5th due to lack of motivation




how can you be certain?
This is a 3x3 with 1 GDP. Flipped on day 63

Weight and bud quality are directly related to quality of light. First $$ spent should be on lights.
I tried sub irrigated planters (SIP), Hempy Buckets, numerous terms for basically the same thing. Bottom feeding vessel with a small reservoir.
In all likely hood there is a good chance you will need to flush the medium and reservoir at some time during flower.
On two separate attempts with different strains, I had significant pH issues. In one I tried to ride it out. Bad mistake. Had to cut it early and it was underdeveloped. In another I acted early and substantially.
Although it was an inconvenience, the flushing saved 4 plants. Just my experience.


Thank you @beardless what you are saying does make sense. I don’t know much about this system other than my trials and errors.

Finishing up week 4 on Sunday. Already getting pops of color… @beardless @Breezy @Arrow
Thats just one by the way


Had to string them… they were trying to fall down!!