Transition from cocoa to outdoor soil

I need some advice folks. I have a (gifted) photoperiod in a 3-gallon cloth bag of cocoa and it’s time to put it outside here in Virginia. I’ve been watering it with Grow Big throughout the winter and it appears to be really healthy. My thought is to: dig a hole, fill it with Fox Farms soil, remove the plant from the bag, and ease it into the freshly dug hole and surround the existing roots with soil. Does this sound like a good plan or do I do something entirely different? I want to pretty much plant it and forget about it until autumn when it will start to flower. I don’t have an indoor grow set up so it has to go outside soon and I don’t want to kill it in the process.
Thanks for your suggestions!


As long as u bury the coco properly, i dont foresee any issues at all. They water at different rates, but outdoors in the ground should equalize a bit of that worry


Thank you! So the way that I envision filing the hole with Fox Farms after I remove it from the bag should be good to go?



Dig hole

Fill in bottom half

Plant rootball

Ensure u can bury it properly then add soil and water in THOROUGHLY.


Thank you so much!

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