Tracking the Gene Pool

Does anybody keep track of all these stains that are being developed? Like a world wide seed bank or genetic preservation group? I mean, it seems like there are quite a few “thoroughbreds” out there already.

How many stains do we need?

What’s to prevent the possible/eventual contamination of the gene pool to where some day all we have is crap?

Yes, I’m really high. I think about these things when I’m really high.

Leafly… google… u can type any name of any weed, cartridge wax exclusive to this or that dispensary and google will tell you all about it…

Just type name of strain and the word “strain” after it and it pops right up

Hey google : gsc strain… purple haze strain … grandaddy purp strain… and I got these cartridges of live resin from raw garden called animas lime… I looked it up shows the cartridge and how its exclusive to raw gardens …pretty cool thanks google