Topping plant a second time?

What do you end up generating off of these 2 plants? Very beautiful sea of green you have there.

Hey Beardless, the pics and instructions are awesome dude. Your very detailed I like how you put rhe numbers for first top the sencond topping. I tried super cropping a few runs ago and i was really nervous. But i was shocked how much more grow i got on the entire branch. Had to use a little tape to support but. The experience all comes in time i have come to find out. Just when you think you got it down something will happen and poof dead plant. It’s a balancing act of sorts.

In my indoor setups I alway top my girls 2-3 sometimes 4 x especially if it’s GMO or GG4 they leggy AF and triple In flower strech so if I don’t and I give them a proper 7-8 week veg they get way to tall and super cropping doesn’t show me the difference I see whe. Topp early and often but strategically placed cuts so I keep my lowers but they get topped also on 3rd node and by doing this I get many more kolas that are smaller and less easy to get PM or boytritus in my humid and wet NJ Septembers. It can 85-90 degrees 95% humidity and then rain every day. So I learned what to grow and climatizes them to my environment. Takes time and u learn to pollen chuck but I have some F2s and F3 s of some 1 of limited runs. My favorite is gooeys nor cal goo x king banner He did a drop 2 years ago they sold out and that was it so I took my packs and made F2s and F3 s of it. The F2s are so fun I’ll pop 12 of em and I’ll see plants that I’ve never seen before. Some phenos pop out moss like pine smelling females and other look straight Afghan where the others looks pure sativa or almost pure indica. It’s so crazy. I’m still looking for my F2 unicorn to keep as my mom and keep working the line cause no matter what pheno u get they all are very good smoke. Some have such a savage high remind me of high school. When pheno hunting small runs outdoors you do t need multi varietals cause they different phenos are more exciting in my opinion