Topping, FIM, Bending

Hello new to the sight and growing(you all are amazing)and had a question on topping, fim, and bending a plant to increase hormones. I would like to get a better grasp on the ups and downs of the concepts, as well as examples. How young can you start, how late is too late etc.

Instead of topping and FIM, Google supercropping. I have had great results to get the girls to bush out instead of single Christmas tree bud. You can start at about 6-8” height and you pinch with your fingers and lightly twist to break the stem wall but not use your nails to pinch off. Great for sea of green. Makes the plant think it has been damaged and send out new shoots for primary apex but the pinched stems don’t die and just take a step back to allow others to grow. You can do this every couple of nodes and it also helps to control overall height.


Thank you, was exactly what i was looking for.