Top Strains cross referenced from multiple sites

I occasionally see folks asking about what strains to pick. For fun I did a google search for top strains. Then I checked to see which ones showed up on several lists and ranked them by how many times I saw them.

New growers, this is a straight up list without any thought about how easy or hard a particular strain might be to grow so read the descriptions to see if one of these sounds like a fit for you.

Most of these are available here at ILGM.
Here they are:

1 Blue Dream
2 Girl Scout Cookies
3 Durban Poison
4 Green Crack
5 Jack Herer
6 Bruce Banner #3
7 OG Kush
8 Skywalker OG
9 Tahoe OG
10 Strawberry Cough
11 Gorilla Glue #4

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Northern lights, Bubble Gum, and Amnesia Haze are often on top 10


I do see them a lot too.
All of the sites I used were not seed banks. (I imagined it would keep opinions a bit less influenced by seeds on hand at the seed banks).

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