Top + Sea Of Green?

I think I want to try Sea Of Green out to optimise growing but I’m curious about adding other techniques into the mix. Does topping a plant completely defeat the purpose of SOG because it makes it grow a little bushier? Does lollipopping work with SOG?

I’m open to any recommendations of good combinations of training that can increase yield.

In my opinion you could do either for a SOG. But not both. Both would cause an uneven canopy. You’ll still need to defoliate the bottom 1/3 for good airflow, and reduce larf.


A full canopy with properly sized lights is your starting point. If you have weak lights or dead space in your grow you are giving up either production per square foot or production per watt of energy. Once you get that, sea of green, screen of green, topping, training, or whatever won’t matter as much. The difference becomes how much time you spend vegging to get there. If you top and/or train plants to fill your canopy it will take longer to veg. If you run more plants and grow them out as single cola it won’t take as long. You will likely end up trimming away some lower growth either way, and if both are done properly you shouldn’t expect a huge difference in yields either way.