Top Leafs Canoeing? Help!

Wow, nice lights! Thanks for all your info!

@RobS1973, how are your plant doing now?
@DEEPDIVERDAVE, did you get that new light up, and going?

They are slowly opening up again and looking good overall, I think. The DLI is now about 30 as I have switched to 12/12. Plant is growing really well, leaves look good, pH & EC are coming in at good levels, I’m pretty happy. I’ll be watering tonight after work, looking forward to seeing how the runoff is doing. It is WAY more in control than the last grow that finished up in November so I must be learning something.

Here is a pic from today, a bit curled but much less than a week ago.

I’ve really been reading up on soil microbes/fungi/amino acids and such, watching some Harley Smith videos. Picked up a couple soil amendments at my favorite grow store this morning, looking forward to incorporating them in as well.


Has not arrived, yet, today. Island living life adds a day for package travel, at least.
Anticipation…Keeps me waiting.
Holding my breath… waiting to exhale.
Any day now, I hope.
Thanks for asking.
Take care,